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Tracing Dependencies in Bazel

A few weeks ago, I worked on splitting one of the biggest module that sometimes when we have changes on that module, become a bottleneck when compiling.

While working on it, I also curious about its dependency, also who else depend on this module. Luckily Bazel provide us with a command to query and visualize dependency tree.

By default, Bazel can output query in graph format, to visualize it you need a program called graphviz which you can install using brew

Here are some query I learned:

To query dependencies on a module:

bazelisk query --noimplicit_deps 'kind(rule, deps(//ios/Shop/Shop:Shop))' --output=graph | dot -Tsvg > ~/Desktop/test.svg

Next if we want to know the dependencies relation between two modules

[bazelisk query "allpaths(//ios/ProductReview/ProductReview, //ios/ATCService/ATCService)" --output=graph | dot -Tsvg > ~/Desktop/test-allpaths.svg]()

Last is we can query which modules, depend on Shop module

bazelisk query "rdeps(//ios/Tokopedia, //ios/Shop/Shop)" --output=graph | dot -Tsvg > ~/Desktop/test-allpaths.svg

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